Guided Learning + Constant Practice = Perfect Score

About Us

Shirish Ashwat founded Ashwat Tutorials to build upon his  passion for helping middle and high school students to excel in math and science subjects.

He uses mnemonics as a technique to teach  students  Mathematics and Physics.  The mnemonics technique with auditory learners has shown tremendous success in improving students skills  in solving mathematical equations with speed and accuracy.

Shirish has a Bachelors in Mathematics & Physics from India and a Masters in Information systems from the United States.


In today’s competitive world, preparedness is the key to success. Young aspirants like your children need to be effectively coached and rigorously trained, with proven skills and the required confidence, to be a true champion. 

That is what Ashwat Tutorials does for our students: groom and guide them to achieve their goal in a thorough, precise, and systematic manner.

With a guarantee to success, our training and practice methods in mathematics and SAT preparation help students reach their academic goals.

We bring together the most comprehensive study material, and a highly focused learning model to help students achieve academic success.

Our Teachers

They are selected for their subject-area expertise and,very importantly,for their compassion and ability to work successfully with children.

Our English instructor Mrs. Elizabeth-Anne Kim (MA, English language and literature, and TEFL certificate) has spent the past fifteen years immersing herself in various kinds of English work.  Through it all, she has privately tutored students from preschool to graduate school, taught groups in a variety of settings (including English for college entrance) from preschool through secondary school to corporate training and lifetime learning, and edited printed materials from doctoral dissertations and scientific papers for manuscript submissions. She has worked with English professionally both in America and abroad and brings a unique understanding of the role cultural difference plays in formal evaluation and learning, one that she has presented in both a peer-reviewed article and in presentations throughout South Korea.

With SAT critical reading and writing scores of her own in the 99th percentile, as well as almost a decade of teaching experience, she helps students learn to approach the verbal SAT sections confidently,methodically,and successfully.